hope mandela take’s god’s job

Skyscraper dream lives under rubble.
Rowe Blackmere

His daughter married an octopus.
F. Keith Wahle 
214. from Five Word Poems

I own parts of Antarctica.
S. Sandrigon 
cccxviii. from More Five Word Poems Galore!

Night fell like a pitchfork.
F. Keith Wahle 
308. from Five Word Poems

Clean ranchers empathize with ice.
F. Keith Wahle 
8. from Five Word Poems

Democracy itching like a rash.
S. Sandrigon 
cclvi. from Another Hundred Five Word Poems

She talked incessantly about petroleum.
-F. Keith Wahle
307. from Five Word Poems

I laughed till I exploded,
F. Keith Wahle 
96. from Five Word Poems

Stop! That Jack-o-lantern was poisoned!
S. Sandrigon 
cxv. from Hundred More Five Word Poems